Mandated Insurance Law

This section will thoroughly educate you on the new insurance laws in America only and is not set in place to speak for other countries.

One must make note an understand that the Obama Health Care Policy is in place mainly to better support the elderly, who have worked under the power of the rich, wealthy or the haves and from such policy the rich, wealthy, and they have should be taxed to further compensate those have invested their time and man power in building their companies and putting them in position to influence other regulations, policies, procedures and applicable laws to better assist in their movement in placing them in the position in which they are in today to afford their health care plan and policy for their business and families. Therefore, elderly should be entitled to some form of relief, compensation, and reparation from the time they have put in during these times and years in which they have worked and obtained injuries and illnesses which are not pre-existing.

The younger generation or population of people from the ages of 25 – 55 must now learn and understand that the rich, wealthy, and they have are saying that they cannot or no longer to carry you or be taxed heavily for this generation or population and this population must figure things out on their own in order to obtain secured coverage under the mandated health insurance law which is set and design to punish you without consenting to allow the government to know everything about you and to keep all your information in their personal databases so that in the future down the road, you information is not private but is under the control by the government in knowing each and every time you are sick, ill or have a medical condition that is less serious or serious that can be used against you for any future employment with the government.

For example….If someone has a pre-existing condition that may require time off or away from a job. Do you not know or do not think that the government will know head of time prior to issuing you any acceptance or agreement for employment?

The young generation must know and learn that agreeing and having their personal information entered into this government health care reform database that they are legally consenting to have the government to control or have control over their personal lives and to allow the government to monitor and enforce on your tax penalties if you do not continue to work under its rules of reform.  Once again, the rich, wealthy and the have still having control over your welfare and your well-being under the law they have set in place for you in thinking that you are getting something when you are not getting enough of anything.

What Athens Insurance Agency does for you, we get everyone trained first in knowing and understand the term as it relates to insurance. We assist you in knowing all side effects of insurance and as well as the laws that is in place or has been altered or changed. We too seek in getting you covered independently and with groups without any hidden agendas but to place your premiums where they are supposed to be to get you a lower coverage as possible so that more funds can be free to be used elsewhere.  We hope you understand.

Standing alone or registering alone or individually inside a government database can be costly vs. joining a group and registering together as a GROUP inside our database can mean a lot and a lot of saving to enforce proper protection and coverage all around.

Think about it, the government is saying that you are fully educated after graduating from high school and it is your choice on your own to pay for your own education to further learn at your own expense. If the government valued education on its citizens do you think it will cover the cost for you to seek further education and to learn to make this government a functional government?

For those who go off and get an education at their own expense, they have a debt that they will have to try to work off while being held captured by the government in America and if such debt is not paid even when the government is not building an industry that creates jobs such as factories, or any others. How will you debt that you obtained from students loans will ever get paid and if you are required an expense to pay for your own health care plan how will it too get paid if the government is not creating any type of means and ways for steady employment for it citizens ?

Everyone needs health care, the government is saying that it is not going to show you or educate you on how to get the proper coverage you need or should have and what you get will not be at the expense factor of the government but will be at the expense factor of you and the person who had such child or children.

We have great agents on staff that will assist you in every way possible in getting you covered and getting you covered without the government intervention. Once we get you covered you must do what is right by using your ability to vote to push for the right people to put in your local, state and federal branches of government for the evidence is showing the ones who are there or in position of power are the ones you should now see as the rich, wealthy and the have (the have = or mean people with and without) for they have it and you don’t which makes you and your family to be the have not. Why because you don’t have the information and have no knowledge or clue about what they have done that is now enforced upon you to move before the March 31, 2014 deadline date.

The other millions of American should register under us and allow us to work for you in getting everyone covered the proper way and the way you should be able to keep and maintain your freedom and independence to pursue your right for liberty and pursuit of happiness.

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    All insurance expires on December 31, 2012. You should hear something from your carrier before that date. Read my insurance blog :-

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