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a few words about us

Untitled-1Listen carefully, Athens Insurance Agency, LLC is a limited liability insurance company that is set in place to properly inform and educate the public sectors about the important factors of having insurance rather it may be on yourself, your children, your personal property or business. We do all the work for you and give you a break down analysis in a way to save you money so that you can use your earnings for other purposes and enjoyment in life. We are not an insurance company per say but, we do all the negotiation for our clients until we find the best fit to support their needs and wants.

All our staff members are fully trained, educated and certified by R.S. Thomas Training & Associates and particularly set in place to handle whatever coverage you may need. For Example, if you need professional liability coverage, you will be assigned to a agent who specialize in that area. If you need specific coverage for your business, you will be assigned to a specialist who will do all the work for you in making sure you and your business is fully covered so that you can start off smart and in the right direction. All you have to do is email or call us to schedule an appointment and leave the rest to us.

Our career opportunities start with screening of resumes, interviews, acceptance of employment and classroom training for certification before full time or part-time employment.  So if you can handle a challenged and interested in becoming a part of a business that is growing and offers stability and job security you can always start things off by sending us an email via our website or contact your local employment office for job postings on positions that are open to be filled.  

what we offer

We offer education in you knowing that you have the right coverage for your product.Giving you a peace of mind in knowing you are in the right hands.
We offer a professional team of people who are serving you and to show you proof on how and when they are trained giving you a peace of mind in knowing that your business with us is safe.Go see for yourself our training outlineour curriculum and their success (certification) that will be presented on display in everyone office and chat room online .
We offer immediate shopping and turn around response for you to get you, your property and belonging proper coverage.Leave the shopping to us and relax with easy in knowing you are now in the right hands and under a team of professionals, who care about proper protection of human beings.

our team

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          AGENT & STAFF ONLY    ...

  • Jennifer Smith

    I am the assistant to the CEO; I am responsible for preparing all coverage paperwork for final approval for immediate coverage. I am responsible...

  • Lenn Alexander & CO. (CPA)

    I work directly with Lenison Alexander & Company on the business preparation that you have generated with Athens Insurance Agency, LLC. We too provide...

  • Olivia Smith

    I handle all the booking and screening for the semi and professional athletics and their families. I am too certified by R.S. Thomas Training...

  • Patrick Pool

    I am a sub-agent who pursued the job opportunities about securing professional entertainers in making sure they have key and proper coverage from their...