Getting involved with an agent that stand up for human rights is very important in saving our healthcare.  We at Athens Insurance Agency hear your calling Dr. Ben Carson. We are working in connection to your plea and cause. Getting the best agents trained is very important.

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Washington, D.C. is a mess, and its disastrous management of our healthcare entitlement programs is the reason we decided to make “Empowering the States” the fifth and final part of our plan to replace Obamacare.I explain further in the final video of our series, which we’ve just released. Please take 2 minutes to watch it below.

The federal government wasn’t created so it could make all of our decisions for us, and if we truly want personalized, patient-centered healthcare, we must ensure that decisions are made as close to home as possible.


Governors and state legislatures understand the needs of their constituents more than Washington, D.C., and they should have more flexibility and control.

Under Washington’s control, our healthcare entitlement programs have grown too unresponsive to patients and doctors, too costly, and too rife with fraud and abuse.Ronald Reagan once reminded us that the states created the federal government; the federal government did not create the states. Our forebears did this for many reasons, but a desire for Washington, D.C. to make every important decision was not one of them.It’s time we take away some of their power, and bring it much closer to home.

Thanks for your support and interest as we’ve unveiled this important 5-part video series, and I hope you enjoy Part Five: Empower the States.
Dr. Ben Carson
Chairman, Save Our Healthcare
American Legacy PAC
Dr. Ben Carson, Medical Commander


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