Our Staff

  • Employment Services

    Employment Services

    Open recruitment for talented and skilled individuals who are capable of providing professional service to our clients. Must be willing...

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  • Our Coffee House

    Our Coffee House

    Coffee anyone? Feel free to browse and purchase some of the best tasting coffee the market has to offer also...

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  • Renter & Homeowners Insurance Policies

    Renter & Homeowners Insurance Polic

    Our group renters and homeowner Insurance agent will be available here to assist you. Find your agent that has been...

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  • Stay Focus Plan

    Stay Focus Plan

    The majority of our direction will be going toward college students in getting them well prepared for our training. It...

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  • Talent Agency Coverage (Small Business)

    Talent Agency Coverage (Small Business)

    We have a good student discount program for those students who have maintained an average grade point average throughout school...

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  • Professional Athletic Coverage

    Professional Athletic Coverage

    This service is for Semi and Professional Athletic Coverage. Once you have entered and made a commitment your life and...

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  • Affordable Care Act

    Affordable Care Act

    Tell us what you think about the video footage and your needs and concern in the contact form below an...

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  • Our United Legal Defense Fund

    Our United Legal Defense Fund

    Listen carefully as to our presentation as to why investing in this coverage protection is very important. From your investment...

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