Talent Agency Coverage (Small Business)

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We have a good student discount program for those students who have maintained an average grade point average throughout school and have graduated from a non-profit program such as Keep The Kids Busy Foundation, Inc. (Universal) and have transition in other program for higher education. Charities Logo for sub-agent(sm)..

There group insurance coverage will remain in effect as long as they maintain good standing in their next education journey.

To learn more about the Foundation and it works please click here. If you would like to make a pledge or donation, you can do this through your assigned agent or through their website that by clicking on the Foundation link listed in this message.

Here we carry over their coverage and their records for continue monitoring and health benefits under other communities programs.

Fill out the contact form below and a small business agent will be in contact with you to perform an assessment and recommendation for you. All your information will be confidential to protect yourself and your privacy.

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  1. It is my immense pleasure to work with Talent agency.
    where i see a certain growth and explore my talent well in the given reasonable timeframe.
    I would like to thank my recruiter who had a great eye to see my skills.
    And most important I would like to thank “Brenda Morris” who was my assigned agent
    She did an excellent job.She regularly keeps me informed and kept me on track in order to complete the job on time with the desired concept and quality.
    Brenda knows her job very well.
    A great person to work with and a great company to work with.
    I would really like to work with the company again and serve my expertise.
    Thank you all of you.

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