Final Expense Policies

Our final expense packages or programs are some of the best that we can offer our clients we have our senior agent sit down with you from the start to the end to make sure all the accurate and proper coverage is in place for you.

We will go over everything that needs to be covered and issue you a booklet entitled “For Those Who Care”…. A Guide To Advance Planning.

This booklet will for sure give you a peace of mind to giving your love ones your written testimony coming from you to them for confirmed security. This booklet should be kept in a place where it will be immediately available at any time of an urgent emergency.

I (The CEO of Athens Insurance Agency) will advise each and all our clients to allow the agency to maintain a backup copy of the booklet within our agency’s archive safe to be immediate pulled with all our other important.

We at Athens Insurance Agency believes that once you are with us you will always be with us from the beginning to the end and we will be your agent of record that will make sure and carry-out all your desires and last desires or wishes.

The booklet will look something like this For Those Who Care by Athens Insurance Agency0001 (x-sm)                                                         so that you and your love ones will know what to search for or find if needed or necessary.

If you need any assistant right now in retaining our service or updating any information that we may have on you, please don’t hesitate to contact myself or my agents through the emails form listed below.

I wish everyone who have stop here and studied this important website for learning and understand our agency. Myself and my staff look forward to working with and for you and your family right now or in the very immediate future.

Please don’t forget about the mandate deadline for health insurance coverage on March 31st, 2014 and I hope you allow us to secure you and keep you safe from the things that you are not fully informed about that you are about to head into or come your way that can cause more stain and hardship upon you and your family.

Agent S. L. Clemmons, CEO